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Attention Faithful Christian & Worn Our Prayer Warrior... are you still wondering if your heartfelt prayers will ever get answered and If God Really Cares? 

You know how it goes. You go to church, you do your devotions, you even do your Bible study, but as much as you try and as hard as you pray...things don't seem to change or at least it seems that God takes his sweet time getting  around to your needs and prayers?

Have you ever felt like this?  

Why does growing as a Christian have to be so hard and take so much time, with nothing to show for it, as you struggle every day, seeking to make sense of your pain and your temptations?

You have already made a renewed commitment to be more faithful in your life and you even have given up on so many things that you knew God was wanting you to stop doing, BUT nothing really helps does it?

Nothing you do seems to make that breakthrough for your faith and spiritual situation, that all the religious preachers and gurus preach to you should happen?

And about ALL you have left to do.....               cry out exclaiming to anyone who will listen to you


I bet you are here right now because you are still asking your question and searching for the answers. But no answer has come your way Has it?.

 Does God seem to be silent, too silent to your prayers, your questions and especially your seeking to grow and serve Him more deeply?

Well, what exactly are you going to do to stop your endless searching? What are you going to do to see some answers and results for your prayers.

Keep Reading....I've got something that may be just the thing you are searching for. Think of it this way.....  You have finally found the hidden treasure that will fill your life and help you live the kind of Christian life you have been praying for for so long.


GOD IS DOING A NEW THING is your Christian guide for praying, learning and growing your faith. 

Complete with a 7 Day Prayer Journal & Prayer Guide Checklist. This definitive tool to grow your faith, is based on the amazing story of the prayers of God's people and how God waited, but finally answered their prayers only after 400 years of praying, waiting, growing and trusting in the goodness, power, and perfect plan of God for His chosen people, the people of Israel.

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As soon as you complete your purchase you will receive a welcome email in your email inbox. You will receive your private download link to claim your PDF story report and your PDF 7 Day Prayer Journal.  You can read your story on your computer or iPad or table computer, as it is a PDF digital file. You can also print out the full report on your favorite printer so you can have your personal hard copy.  I recommend you also print out your prayer journal so you can write in it and answer the writing prompt questions as you read and study the report.

Huge Benefit 1

You will finally understand why God sometimes waits before answering your prayers, even when our prayers are urgent and sincere. You will grow to trust God more and more each day, especially when you pray.

Huge Benefit 2

You will grow in your faith and your heartfelt closeness to God as you learn about how God's power and plan always unfolds in God's good time to further God's plan and specific purpose for your life.

Here’s what people are saying about Rev. Bill McBride's Books and Courses

S. Charlotte

Great Read...

The experience this Reverend has is used to help us that are seeking to better understand God's Will or to better understand the importance of a close spiritual relationship with God, so the we can better identify God's Will when it presents in and around us.

Steven J.

Age Old Wisdom...

If you're finding yourself at crossroads, and wondering where to turn to at your current point in life... you'll probably find that this book by Reverend McBride will shine some light, and help guide you in the right direction through the help of god.


A very basic yet practical and resourceful way to state God’s GPS for our life’s journey - the Biblical and only way to ask for directions on our journey to eternity. Indeed you and i make a few turns and u-turns on route and by grace we are steered again on the right path - awesome and amazing love and grace by God towards you and I


This special report is a great story of a people who prayed and prayed and waited and waited for God's answer


Part 1: Cheryl's Story

Explain exactly what this module will teach them, and use names of individual lessons if you can. You might want to include the number of lessons, the length of each lesson, or any other information. But make sure you focus on the benefits that the customer would get just by taking this module on it’s own


Part 2: The Silent Years

The nation of Israel had been enslaved for four hundred years. And no answer to their prayer.


Part 3: From Bad to Worse?

Sometimes God moves and a situation instantly improves. BUT sometimes not.


Part  4: For His Glory

The truth is that sometimes God uses opposition to His will to further His glory.


Part  5: Divine Protection in the Chaos

After three plagues against both the Egyptians and Israelites, God makes a bold declaration to Pharaoh


Part  6: Leaving in Victory

When the final plague is delivered by God, Pharaoh sets the people free. God has done an amazing thing for the Israelites!


Part  7: What Does Your Red Sea Look Like?

Of course, the victory celebration doesn’t end with the Israelites merely leaving the land of Egypt.


Part  8: How God Responds in a Crisis

In the face of our weak-kneed faith and trembling hands, how does God respond?


Part  9: The Cloud & the Fire

As the Israelites had traveled from the land to their new home, God sent a cloud by day and a fire by night.


Part  10: Working through the Night

While the tiny nation spent the long night fretting over what the morning would bring, God was at work.


Part  11: Welcome to Dry Ground

As the Sea began to roll back and dry ground appeared, Moses motioned for the nation to follow him. Through the night, the weary group walked on.


Part  12: Celebration Time

“And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people worshipped the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant.” (Exodus 14:31)

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Bonus 1-Journal
Devotional Journal for GOD IS DOING A NEW THING

Your personal 7 Day Journal with stories, lessons, writing prompt questions and writing pages for your ideas and questions and prayers.

Embracing Life When God is Doing a new Thing

Your personal two page prayer checklist to guide your faith and prayer life every day.

About The Author & Publisher,
Rev. Bill McBride

Reverend Bill McBride has been an ordained pastor, teacher and leader for over 45 years. He has served congregations throughout Wisconsin since 1977. He has increased his online ministry since forming a publishing company, Sun Bubbles Publishing LLC with his wife Julie in 2013. Reverend McBride earned his Ba in Psychology in 1973 and his Masters of Divinity degree in 1977 in the areas of theology and pastoral ministry.

He has taught thousands of Christians across the globe, guidng them along their spiritual journey and helping them experience the power of Christian living in their daily lives. Reverend McBride is an avid author, publisher, videographer and Christian blogger.

I hope you will invest in your faith today and find lasting value in this book I have created for you. I thank you for taking a look today.


Reverend Bill McBride

Here’s what people are saying about Rev. Bill & His Books


This Will Get Your Children to God

Reverend Bill McBride has fantastically conveyed the need to understand the simplicity of prayer by asking Jesus what we need and believing He will do the best thing for us. 

P. Ringly

Practical Study Guide

For most us The Lord's Prayer goes by so quick that
we barely have time to think about what we are saying.
It just rolls out automatically. In this book
"How to Pray Like Jesus" Reverend McBride has given us a
full and fresh view of this Prayer. He has done this
with humorous anecdotes that complement his insights as well
as lots of supporting scripture.


True Praying

Rev. McBride has very capably explained the very essence of the Lord's prayer. I especially like his summation at the end. This book does not only bring us face to face with how we should pray, but also how we should live with regard to submission to God's will and forgiveness.

Invest In Yourself Today and You Will Grow

The personal cost to you for not taking the step and investing in your faith is beyond comparison.

Consider the cost of your lost time and attention to your faith journey with you really trusting in God - At Least $5,000 in stress and strain.  

Consider the cost to your future when you close the door of your heart on your loving and powerful God and continue to struggle into your future without clear insight into God's will for your life - At Least $250,000 in your frustrated future. 

Consider the cost of you r lost earning potential and wages because your stress and frustration has led you too many times to your Doctor fro relief from your stress and tension - At least $10,500 in lost earnings.

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From Reverend Bill McBride

I am pleased that you are growing your faith and renewing your heartfelt closeness with God. God is eager to guide you in your Christian faith and lead you in new and exciting ways you never thought possible.

I pray that you will find this exciting report, journal and checklist most helpful for your faith today.

Blessings to you.

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